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February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Upcoming Events:

March 4: I’ll be Mark Anthony Tierno’s guest on his blog radio show Sunday March 4 at 10 AM Mountain Time. Check http://www.maldene.com for login details. Tierno is the author of the Maldene fantasy series.

March 10: I’ll be in the Authors’ Tent at the Tucson Festival of Books, Saturday March 10 from 2 to 4 PM. Please stop by and say hello. I’ve got a free bookmarker for everyone who shows up and signed copies of my novel The Expendable Man will be available for just $10.

March 20: I’ll be speaking on “Self-Publishing: What It Means to Writers and Readers” to residents of the Province 55+ Community in Maricopa, AZ at 2:00 PM. Contact the community center at 520-568-8315 for details.

My Next Book:

Making the Grade, a novel that takes place in Albany New York, is close to being ready for public consumption. I’m so concerned, however, about typos that although my editor and critique partner have both been through the book, I’m going to ask one more person to do a final read through.

An editor friend found 12 typos in the first version of The Expendable Man. That’s not a terrible number, but I’m trying very hard to do even better in this new book. (Some typos are a matter of style or involve conflicting opinions on the rules of grammer. I’m not talking about those. Rather I mean when a word remains in the text that should have been removed when a sentence was edited or when the spell checker accepted later when you meant latter, etc.)

Making the Grade is a police procedural mystery with a twist. You learn what you think is the identity of the villain in the first chapter, but be aware — all is not what it seems. Will the case break Shannon Lynch, the first woman detective on the Albany Police Department, or will she make the grade?

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