Editing Making the Grade––My Second Novel

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

After I paid good money for my first novel to be proof-read, a woman who had been an editor found 10 typos; months later another careful reader came up with 8 more. Many were minor––a missing comma or “feel” when I meant “fell,” but naturally, as I am about to embark on publishing my second novel, I want to do everything I can to avoid a repeat.

A writer has to focus on the story. Crafting a story that is unique and holds the reader’s interest is not easy. Writers with many notches on their sixguns sometimes shoot blanks.

Then one has to deal with the grey areas of English grammar––when to use a comma, how to handle quotes, capitalization issues as well as issues of literary style––how to present dialogue without saying “she said” after every quote, and so on.

That’s why writers need editors––especially self-publishing writers who don’t have the benefit of an agent and a publishing house.

Recently I tried to drum up assistance in proofing Making the Grade by offering a signed print copy to anyone who would buy a digital copy for $0.99 and send me a list of the mistakes.

Few responded, but a suggestion was made that I liked: break up the manuscript (or should it now be called a compuscript) and distribute it to those willing to read a few chapters.

So here’s what I’m offering: Proof-read a few chapters for me and not only will you get a signed copy of the finished product, but I’ll gladly edit an equivalent number of pages for you.

Use the contact form on my website (www.petergpollak.com) to let me know if you’re interested.

P.S.: If you purchased a copy of The Expendable Man and would like me to send you the list of 18 typos, use the same method to contact me.

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