Added distribution for Smashwords authors

June 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Mark Coker announced added e-book distribution options for Smashwords authors who meet certain criteria, which both of my novels do. The new channel provider is Page Foundary which provides apps for Android phones and tablets. Page Foundary currently serves four outlets: Cricket Wireless, Asus, Versent and Inktera.

I have no idea whether these outlets will have an impact on sales, but they can’t hurt.

Smashwords is also promising faster distribution to Apple and Kobo, which makes authors happy I’m sure, and Coker reports dramatic sales increases at Apple in recent weeks — more good news for some.

Elsewhere Coker reports people select e-books on the basis of recommendations–often from strangers in reader forums (like those on Goodreads & Linked-In), but that covers and of course content count.

He left out book clubs, but his survey only reached e-book readers. The majority of book club readers still prefer having the real thing in their hand.


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