About Peter G. Pollak

Renaissance man or dilettante? That’s for you to decide.

I’ve been a civil rights and anti-Vietnam war activist, a graduate student who earned two degrees, an alternative press editor, a teacher at 3 colleges, a public policy advocate, and an entrepreneur.

Today, without neglecting family or health, I’m focused on writing fiction. A political thriller, The Expendable Man (2011), was my first “published” effort. It was followed by Making the Grade in 2012, a police procedural that features a female detective. I put out two books in 2013–a suspense that takes place in upstate New York, Last Stop on Desolation Ridge, and another police procedural entitled In the Game. My latest, House Divided, came out in 2015 and is a political thriller dealing with terrorists targeting Jewish institutions in the U.S.


§ One Response to About Peter G. Pollak

  • Paula Cover says:

    The Expendable Man seems integrating. I might buy it. I will. I like your observation about the highly literate Baby Boomers. They have (I am between Depression and the Babies) been the revolutionaries and creatives.
    Onward, the advance of BB Juggernaut into the writing and publishing of books!

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