Wanted: A Village of Editors

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

It won’t take a whole village of editors — probably only a handful, but I’m inviting anyone who would like to participate in an experiment in community editing to try it and to let me know if my idea makes sense. Here’s the scoop:

I’ve just finished my second novel, Making the Grade — a police procedural that takes place in Albany, NY where I lived for 40 years.

The manuscript was read twice by a professional editor, at least twice by my critique partner and once in various stages by two other readers. Yet when I did my own read through prior to submitting it to Smashwords to be converted into various digital formats, I discovered a handful of typos — a missing period here, a person’s name spelled two different ways there, and other mistakes. Yikes!

As a result, I’m reluctant to take the next step of submitting the book to CreateSpace to be prepped for a paperback edition. I just hate the thought that readers will come across mistakes that should have and could have been removed.

The Experiment

Making the Grade will be available at Smashwords for $0.99 for the next 14 days. After that the price will go up to $3.99.

Anyone who lets me know about one or multiple mistakes — grammatical, spelling, whatever — will receive by mail signed print copy if they are the first to report the problem and if they let me know by April 30. May 1 is the day I’m submitting the book to CreateSpace.

The Book

Making the Grade is a novel. It is the story of Shannon Lynch, a native of Albany, who has risen to become the first woman detective on the Albany New York Police Department.

Lynch is immediately assigned to work on a major case — the murder of a prominent business woman. Not only does she have to overcome the prejudices of her males counterparts, but the case gets personal in ways she never could have foreseen.

The book is just over 50,000 words in length and is available in all the standard formats including .mobi (Kindle), EPub (IPad, Nook, et al), etc..

Although I’m primarily asking people to report any errors they find in the current version, I’m happy to accept comments and criticism of the story, my writing, etc. I would also encourage people to write reviews of the book for all of the places where reviews are welcome.

The cost of postage being what it is, this offer — although I’m not sure that’s the right word for it — is only good for people living in the United States and Canada.

Here’s the link to the book: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/150898

The Future

I would encourage other writers to try the same concept. Offer your book initially in digital formats for no more than $0.99 for a short period of time and encourage people to proof read it for you in return for providing those who contribute a print copy at the end of the process. (Those who only publish in ebook formats might come up with a different reward, such as promoting those who help on your website or sending them a Starbucks gift card. Your call.)

Feedback on the concept is also welcome.


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